Environment Wales believes that the best support we can offer to voluntary projects and community groups is through long-term contact with a dedicated Development Officer.

Development Officers can offer advice and support at every stage of project delivery from getting a project off the ground to helping a group through a period of transitional growth or advising on funding applications. Each Development Officer has a Wales-wide remit, allowing maximum potential to network like-minded groups and projects.

As well as providing advice and support, Development Officers also guide groups through the Environment Wales registration process, which allows them, once registered, to apply for Environment Wales grants. For projects in their infancy, that may not yet be ready for registration, Start-up support is available.

Who and what is eligible for Environment Wales support?

Environment Wales supports voluntary organizations. If you are unsure about the definition of a voluntary organization, you can read more here.

We offer support to projects rather than groups, which must be specific activities rather than general core work.

In order to be eligible for Environment Wales support, projects must meet one or more of the following objectives:

• Environmental Improvement: Achieving sustainable improvements to the Welsh environment through practical projects;
• Education and Awareness: Increasing understanding of sustainable development and the environment through information, education and advisory services;
• Environmental Enterprise: Helping create new environmental initiatives which also allow communities and voluntary organisations to contribute to their social and economic needs;
• Training and Volunteers: Supporting and training staff and volunteers engaged in the above activities.

Projects must complete the Environment Wales registration process to access funds and long-term support.

Read more about Registration here

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