What is Environment Wales?

Environment Wales is a partnership in the voluntary sector, funded by the Welsh Government. Our aim is to contribute to sustainable development by supporting and encouraging voluntary action to protect and improve the environment.

The core partners that make up the initiative are Keep Wales Tidy, The National Trust, Wildlife Trusts Wales, WCVA, Groundwork in Wales and The Woodland Trust.

WCVA is the initiative's Administrative Partner. It is responsible for providing the administrative and financial framework for Environment Wales and for hosting the Administrative Team.

The Development Officer Team works to provide community and voluntary groups with advice and support. Each project supported by Environment Wales is allocated a dedicated Development Officer who remains a constant point of contact.

Environment Wales also operates five grant streams to support voluntary organisations and community groups undertaking practical projects that promote one or more of the following objectives:

  • to achieve sustainable improvements to the Welsh environment through practical projects;
  • to increase understanding of sustainable development and the environment through information, education and advisory services;
  • to help create new environmental initiatives which also allow communities and voluntary organisations to contribute to their social and economic needs;
  • to support and train staff and volunteers engaged in these activities.


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