Steering Group

The role of the Environment Wales Steering Group is to determine the direction, policies and priorities of the initiative. Its work is informed by all aspects of Environment Wales operations and through knowledge of the broader context within which the initiative works.

In particular, Steering Group members are responsible for:

  • Identifying areas of concern or interest where action by the partnership might produce benefits to the environment, local communities or the wider voluntary sector;
  • Developing policy and directing the operational development of the initiative to meet environmental and sustainable development goals;
  • Ensuring that grant funding is distributed with transparency and fairness and dealing with any grievance procedures;
  • Evaluating the work of the initiative to ensure that it remains relevant to its objectives and to the work of its partners, the wider environmental sector and the Welsh Government.

Other tasks include:

  • Formulating the initiative's three-year strategic plan;
  • Reviewing and updating the annual work plan based on the strategic plan;
  • Monitoring the initiative's progress against annual targets;
  • Advising the administrative partner on systems and procedures;
  • Co-ordinating the promotion of the initiative to key audiences.

The Steering Group meet at least three times a year to discuss the overall direction, strategy and progress of Environment Wales.