Grants Advisory Panel

WCVA, as the administrative partner of Environment Wales, is legally responsible for the operation of an effective grants system. A key part of this process is the Environment Wales Grants Advisory Panel.

The Grants Advisory Panel is the initiative's focus for the determination of grants and the apportioning of resources to the grant funds, taking advice from the Steering Group and the Co-ordinator.

It is made up of volunteers recruited for their skills, experience or specialist knowledge. Recruitment is done through a mixture of open advertisement and invitation to help ensure the maximum spread of knowledge, skills and geographical representation. Panel meetings rotate around Wales and are often accompanied by visits to Environment Wales projects to allow members to see the impact of Environment Wales support on the ground.

Where grants are refused, members aim to offer constructive critcism to inform and aid future applications. Applications for grant aid may also be deferred if further information is sought.

Whilst decisions of the Grants Advisory Panel are final, appeals against decisions will be considered if based on procedural irregularity. As might be expected, some Panel members may have a connection with groups that are coming forward for funding. Members are required to complete a Register of Interests before they join the Panel and all interests are declared at the start of each meeting. If a member has declared an interest in a particular group which has submitted a grant application, that member is required to leave the room whilst the application is discussed, returning only when a decision has been taken.

A copy of the register of interests can be obtained from WCVA.