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Environment Wales – Behaviour Change Resource Guide  


The National Social Marketing Centre (NSMC) 

The NSMC in the UK works to achieve behaviour change in predominantly health contexts but increasingly in other areas including sustainability. On their website you will find information on their core areas of expertise: research, training and strategic advice. You will also find tools and resources as well as news, case studies and reports on the latest in behaviour change. See in particular SHOWCASE (under Resources tab) for an easily searchable database of behaviour change interventions. These are mostly addressing health issues although there are a few environmental case studies. However, it might be worth looking at health case studies with the same target audience (e.g. teenagers, elderly, and children) as sometimes they provide useful insights into motivators for this demographic:  

Project Bernie 

This is a recent innovative social marketing campaign commissioned by South Wales Fire and Rescue Service to tackle deliberate grass fires in the Valleys. The project used social marketing and project evaluation expertise from Cardiff University and rigorously applied the NSMCs recommended 5 stage Planning model (Scope-Develop-Implement-Evaluate- Follow Up). Reports for each of these 5 stages are available via the OUTPUT link on the following Cardiff University/ BRASS webpage:   

Fostering Sustainable Behaviour – Community Based Social MarketingDoug McKenzie-Mohr 

This Canadian site consists of resources for those working to foster sustainable behaviors, such as those involved in conservation, energy efficiency, transportation, waste reduction, and water efficiency. The site includes the complete contents of the book, Fostering Sustainable Behavior, as well as searchable databases of articles, case studies, and turnkey strategies. In addition, it includes discussion forums for sharing information and asking questions of others. 

Tools of Change  

Another Canadian website, founded on the principles of community-based social marketing. This site offers specific social marketing tools, case studies, and a planning guide for helping people take actions and adopt habits that promote health, safety and/or sustainability. It also demonstrates practices that have already been successful in changing people's behaviour.    


1. McKenzie-Mohr D. et. al. (due May 2011) Social Marketing to Protect the Environment: What Works. Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, California            

Should be particularly useful and features Project Bernie (chapter 7) as one of the case studies! See here for Table of Contents  

2. Kotler,P, & N, Lee, N (2008) Social Marketing : Influencing Behaviours for Good’ 3rd  edition. Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, California 

A good ‘how to’ book with useful worksheets and international case studies.  

3. Hastings, Gerard. (2007) Social marketing : why should the Devil have all the best tunes?  Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann. London.            

British book – 2nd half contains 18 case studies, some UK based  

4. McKenzie-Mohr D. and Smith W. (1999) Fostering Sustainable Behaviour – Community Based Social Marketing. New Society Publishers, Canada 

A quick reference guide to CBSM is available here:  

5. French J et al. (2010) Social Marketing and Public Health: Theory and practice . Oxford University Press, Oxford.  

Jeff French and his co authors were or are part of the NSMC team. Although this is health orientated, all the theory and models included are of universal application. In particular, it details the 5 stages of the Total Process Planning framework  

6. Weinreich N (2011) Hands on Social Marketing. 2nd edition. Sage Publications, California.            

American book. Useful chapters on using social media   

7. Andreasen A (2006) Social Marketing in the 21st century. Sage Publications, California 

Discusses how SM can also be used to influence upstream audiences e.g. policy makers; creating partnerships with the private sector and influencing communities