No further grant funding is available from Environment Wales due to the initiative closing on 30th September 2015 


Environment Wales - Standing Out From the Rest!

“Overall, EW has been very successful at enabling communities to take environmental action. Not restricted to having just an impact on the environment this action has had multiple other benefits, most notably in relation to personal development and community development.”It’s very unusual for government funded environmental initiatives to last more than 5 years let alone 20 but that is what Environment Wales has done, supporting locally based environmental action in Wales since 1992. 

So how has this come about, what is the secret of its success and how can this be maintained and even enhanced in the future? To help answer these questions, Environment Wales commissioned an evaluation of its past and current activities. The 2014 evaluation concluded that

·        Environment Wales is achieving outcomes which meet Welsh Government objectives well beyond those linked to the environment

·        The initiative is delivering right across the spectrum of ecosystem services

·        It has been successful in safeguarding and creating jobs, and offering opportunities for volunteers, including those
with additional support needs

·        For every £1 of Welsh Government investment, another £6 has been drawn in.

·        Funded projects have a positive downstream economic impact and generate savings across the spectrum of public services

·        The Environment Wales model is key to this success. Either Development Officers or grant funding on their own would not have achieved the same results.

A full copy of the Evaluation report can be downloaded from here and an Easy Read summary, which provides an overview of the findings, is available here.

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